Ziba Rajabi (b.1988, Tehran, Iran) an MFA candidate at the University of Arkansas. Her work has been included in a number of exhibitions and institutions, nationally and internationally, such as CICA Museum, South Korea; Pensacola Museum, Florida; Aran Gallery, Iran; Millersville University, and Indiana University. She is the recipient of student artist grant for the Artist 360 Grant, a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance. Working primarily with painting and drawing, In her work she reconciles her experience of living in two distinctive places, Tehran, her hometown, and Arkansas, where she resides now. She views ‘space’ as the realm in which experiences take place. With this in mind, Tehran and Arkansas reflect specific places, cultural history, or interactions with people. By focusing on the emotional and psychological events that occur in both locations, it allows her to explore the idea of ‘public and private’ by manipulating the viewers access to layers of information.